Hi Paul,

Success! I was much calmer and more confident going into my meditation circle this morning:

Thank you for the notes. I’m loving our sessions and all the helpful tips, mp3s, and exercises And I’m so thankful that I found you…and my friends are thankful, too I’m benefitting so much from the support and help.

See you again soon and warm regards,

Dr. H. N. Ayonayon, Psychologist

“A very easy going informative Workshop. Paul puts his heart and soul into his teaching. I feel very benefited by attending Paul’s workshop. Thank you.”

Amber K Walters

Hi Paul,

Well I just don’t know what to say the experience was out of this world even though I was really nervous I’m so glad I had it done never felt like any like that before I am a very tense person and I have been relaxed since I just was blown away thank u so much for giving me this experience AMAZING many thanks


I’ve worked with Paul, networked with him, used his services as a hypnotherapist and seen him presenting on numerous occasions. Since meeting Paul, I’ve been impressed by his professionalism, integrity, thoughtful approach and expertise. When presenting, he has a flair for making a complex subject engaging and accessible. As a therapist, his ‘couch side’ manner is reassuring and sensitive. Whether you want an inspiring talk on Paul’s areas of professional expertise or one of his therapies, I’d wholeheartedly recommend him. He’s also a thoroughly decent human being.

Al Hidden – Gloucestershire Copywriter

A month ago I had hypnosis with Paul Paul Goddard to stop swearing and it has worked brilliantly! Much to everyone’s amusement. 🙂 It is proving to be so successful that not only am I not swearing in everyday life but I’m starting to be unable to read it and cringe when hearing it. I would strongly recommend Paul to anyone looking for hypnosis whether for issues like mine or past life regressions, having had great results with both now, love and blessings

Samantha Scott x

Again I needed Paul’s services to prepare me for dental surgery. This time it involved dental implants. I had a few sessions with him and when I had the procedure the dentist remarked that I was one of the calmest patients he had ever had. At one point his dental nurse asked me if I was okay as I was so still and my eyes were closed – I replied that I was just relaxing.


Paul has a natural talent at helping people and is a brilliant listener. During the session I felt a shift in my perspective and a change from negative thoughts to positives ones. I clearly realised that I was the only one holding myself back and Paul gave me the tools and clear information with simple exercises to enable myself to become empowered and more in control of my own thoughts.

 Vanessa Cook, Cheltenham

“I had put off learning to drive for many years. I didn’t start lessons until I was 34. It felt like a big step starting to take lessons and my confidence started to grow but I could already feel the nerves starting to build up about the driving test, which is obviously what I was working towards. I knew about the NLP that Paul was doing and how he had helped other people.

I approached Paul with my problem, which was that my nerves and anxiety were growing towards the impending test. I wanted to do the test but I needed some help learning to relax, focus and not dread the time leading up the test.
Over several sessions Paul spoke to me on a one to one basis about various relaxation and visualisation techniques that helped me focus on positive thoughts and stop the cycle of negative thoughts that I was stuck in and saying to myself for so long.
The CD that Paul tailor-made for me helped a great deal as well. It helped me to relax and get a good night’s sleep leading up to my driving test.
I passed my driving test on my 2nd attempt! Even though I failed the first time I knew I had all the techniques to get me through to the next one.”

Laura Stone

“We both found this workshop well planned and even more importantly, inspiring, which after all could be said to be the object of it – motivational could be said to be the same as inspirational. As said, it was well planned with the day divided into distinct and manageable parts. Paul moved at a speed which suited the learning styles of everyone present. The techniques were simple and easy to use and during the day, I discovered certain ideas that will be very useful in moving certain projects forward. We would both recommend this workshop to anyone. Go along to it with an open mind and be prepared to be both motivated and inspired. Huw (and Rose)”

Huw Niland

“Paul’s NLP session was like stepping into a different world. A world which was more calmer, a world of success and drive, and a world of hope and comfort. I recently took a Theory test for driving not long ago and before Paul’s session I was nervous, tense and worried about it. Who isn’t with any test! After Paul’s session of NLP, it gave me the strength and courage telling myself that I would pass and the test would be like no other test. I found the session relaxing and a real help with the nerves I had. Not only did I pass the test it had helped with my overall confidence and control. Paul is a true professional, and a fine artist in the work he performs. I thank him very much. Thank you Paul!”

Sam James

“Doing this workshop has changed how I deal with things and changed parts of my life.  I am now so motivated I have had comments from other people saying how motivated I am.  In just the first week I did more work than I would do in a month.  I also feel 10x better because now I’m getting so much more stuff done and so much closer to my goals.  Thank you very much for teaching me Motivational Techniques.  It really has helped me.  Hope to see you soon in another workshop.”

Daniel Whayman

“A very easy going informative Workshop. Paul puts his heart and soul into his teaching. I feel very benefited by attending Paul’s workshop. Thank you.”

Amber K Walters

“I have had two occasions when I’ve needed to use Paul. One was for Exam nerves and the other for nerves regarding a tooth extraction. The help Paul gave me for the Exam nerves involved a session with him after which he gave me my own personal hypnosis CD that I was to listen to as often as I could. The CD was to help me become more positive, the Exam was for Maths and as a mature student this was a subject I was fearful of and had avoided doing at school. I passed with an excellent mark and was top of my group. The second time I needed help was to keep me calm whilst having a tooth removed at the dentist. This time I did not have a CD but two sessions with Paul, two days before my appointment, this was enough to be of benefit to me during the procedure. I thoroughly recommend Paul as someone to see if you are facing one of life’s emotional hurdles, whatever it is!”


“Hi Paul
Just wanted to let you know that I think the NLP session with you really has helped me.  What helped most, though, is that talking it through with you and attempting and thinking about the purpose of the exercises has just generally given me a much greater awareness of what I am thinking.  I feel I’ve definitely grown in confidence and people have even commented that I seem more confident in going forward.

Thanks so much for your help.”


“I asked Paul for some NLP tips when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was obviously a bit nervous about labour and getting through it. Its something that you try not to think about but you can’t help it as it gets nearer.

Paul gave me some visualisations to do. I tried them and described them to people to help me visualise it further. I had to see myself in my mind succeeding, coping, and dealing with my labour well.

I would recommend NLP to anyone nervous about childbirth, going through it or helping. It gave me confidence and strength of mind.”

Alex Cooke

“Paul did an NLP Session with me , when I was feeling a little low, and had no confidence. I need confidence to be able to do my Work as A guide , so I turned to Paul for help.

I knew nothing about NLP but Paul explained everything to me, in a very Gentle and patient manner.

It certainly worked for me after only one session.

My sincere Thanks to Mr. Paul Goddard.”

Mrs. L.J. Cinderey

“Paul helped me to regain my confidence in the workplace after having worked in a very difficult environment. He explained things calmly and patiently, and provided me with techniques to change the way I thought about myself. The tips were good and made a difference very quickly, and I am still using them in other areas of my life. I would recommend NLP to anyone who wants to take back some control over their life.”


“This was a great workshop!
There was a lot of NLP content in it but this was explained in such a way so that those who had no knowledge of NLP were easily able to follow it.
The informal way it was presented made for a good interaction between Paul and those present and I think it was very much the case that everyone was able to contribute and in the process enhance the learning process for all.
There are excellent accompanying materials for the workshop which can be referred to in the attendee’s own time so ensuring reinforcement of what was covered.
Overall, this was an excellent workshop and I would thoroughly recommend it.”

Huw Niland

“This workshop was excellent value for money.
The theory was well presented. We had a chance to ask questions, make notes and discuss.
I really appreciated the cd and the workbook. I have downloaded the workbook and can now go back through it all and work on it at my own pace. Thanks for giving us such good accompanying materials Paul, so the wisdom does not get lost!”

Rose Niland Smith

“I was really excited about attending the confidence workshop if not a little nervous. I learnt so much in the space of one day. Paul Goddard had a way of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome. By the end of the day I don’t think anyone wanted to leave.

I felt so inspired after the workshop just because I was made to feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. As a group we bonded more and more as the day went on and by the end all of us went away thinking about how we could improve ourselves and become the people we want to be.

My favourite part of the workshop must have been learning how to read peoples body language and use this to your advantage. I had a job interview for the first time ever and used the anchors and also mirroring to help me. It was so much fun because Paul’s right; they don’t know what you’re doing.”

Thank you so much for the once in a lifetime experience. I would be more than happy to attend another workshop.

Sophie Levy-Benchetton

“May I congratulate you on the course you delivered to the group the other Saturday. I think every one enjoyed it, I did not here any complaints from the others. I have even met a few of the others at unrelated events around the city and they have all said how much they got from it and how enjoy able it was.
As for me I found the day educational, informative, constructive, and relaxing. It taught me new concepts, it reinforced old ones while giving me insight in how to do old ones in a different way. But it also made me realise why I do things where and how they originated and ways i can change my behaviour and how i can help the clients i would like to work with in a more constructve and beneficial way. The day was well balanced and i believe that I honestly believe that it could not have been done any better. The lunch was superb and we all got to know each other in other ways .Thanks Paul I look forwards to the next stage.”

Simon Andrews