About Me

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Before my decision to take up a career in Neuro Linguistic Programming I had dreams of becoming a radio presenter and Night Club DJ. Although I had a little success in voluntary work in radio and DJing at some small to medium size venues my dream of being heard on national radio or playing at the famous clubs was held back by my fear of rejection. I would paint very vivid surround sound movies in my mind of approaching these places with the manager saying in an angry tone “What makes you think that we would want an unknown like you – don’t waste my time!” or words to that effect with probably swearing thrown in. It wasn’t until I bought several self-help motivational books that I started to change these beliefs. I felt confident in myself and I began to approach many more places. However, at this time my life and that of my family took a dramatic change as my dad, who had been battling cancer, became much worse, as a result I put my career ideas on hold to support my family. I decided that I wanted to do something worthwhile with my life and help and inspire other people in the process.

The inspiration that my dad gave me through his positive attitude compelled me to explore and research the mind/body connection. NLP was my preferred process as it took the best, I thought, of many different techniques and blended them in an all encompassing programme. It goes through the premise that each of us, with exceptions, are born on an equal footing and through growing up our beliefs and values have a profound effect on who we are today. By changing our thinking and modelling people that have achieved success in the areas that we wish to improve upon ourselves, we can reach our potential. Through changing my mind set and taking action I set myself a goal to become an NLP Practitioner. I, like all of us, am still growing and stretching my boundaries as I believe that we are always learning and I intend to become as good as I can be, I believe we all can do this.